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If you are planning to build your dream home for your family, take advantage of your FREE and no-obligation consultation (worth $300).

When you are ready to build your home, this consultation with our team will most likely be one of the most valuable resources to help you make the right decisions.

What You’ll Cover With Our CEO Juan Fernando Gomez

  • Director Consultation
  • Site Walk-Thru and Inspection
  • Selections Checklist & Comparison
  • Estimate and Budget Scope
  • ​Timeline Estimate and Move-In Date Expectations
  • Connection to our Preferred Partner Network

The Rivus Method

Luxury Design ! Rivus Construction has perfected the Construction Method. This empowers us to confidently offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to everyone, ensuring a seamless and exceptional experience.

Every project at Rivus Construction commences with a creative exploration of design ideas during our relaxed conversations and brainstorming sessions. We understand your desire for a unique space that perfectly aligns with your taste.

If you already have architectural plans, skip to “Give The Nod".

  FIRST MOVE: Share Your Vision

We sit down and gather the details about your dream project. We're talking about the size, the look, and the budget. We want to know what you're into and all those personal touches that make it uniquely yours.

  SKETCH IT OUT: Draft Some Ideas

Following this, our skilled design collaborators come into play, crafting a preliminary floor plan and adjusting the budget accordingly. Simultaneously, we compile a list of items for your consideration, addressing design and all the selections needed for the project.

  MASTER PLAN: Blue Prints

Here we're turning our initial design concepts into Architectural plans, mapping out every detail with precision, from room dimensions to structural elements. This is where engineering expertise comes in, ensuring the plans not only look good but are also structurally sound. It's the critical step where creativity meets practicality, setting the groundwork for the construction process.

  GIVE THE NOD: Lock in Plans & Picks

Now, we take the "Master Plans" and delve into the details by compiling all the essential materials and labor through a comprehensive takeoff. This thorough process ensures that every aspect is thoroughly considered, laying the foundation for presenting you with a project pricing proposal designed to align with your budget. Once the pricing is presented, the decision is in your hands – a simple nod from you indicates the readiness to transition those plans and figures into a construction agreement.

  BUILD IT UP: Make it Happen

Now, it's game time. Our Rivus Construction crew gets to work, turning your plans into the real deal. Every nail, every board – it all goes down just like it should.

  MOVE IN: Happy Endings

And there you have it! We check everything for you, knock out the blue tape and your project is done, no fuss, no stress. We're aiming for that 5-star review, and we hope we hit the mark.

Our way, known as "The Dreamy Journey," lets you spill the beans on what you want, see it take shape, give the thumbs up, and watch us bring it to life. Easy peasy!