There are many benefits of having a granny flat, whether as a guest house, to rent out or use as a home office.

We have even coined the term – Teeny flat. It’s a practical way to get your teenagers out of the house.

They love it, and you will love it.

Maybe you are starting to work from home like many in the Covid-19 era and need more space. It can be super hard to work in the same house you live in, and a granny flat can be the answer.

Many people need a gap from where they work and live. Being able to step out of your front door to another building makes such a difference. When you have friends and family to visit, a granny flat provides the extra space you need to accommodate them.

We are also seeing families adding granny flats for elderly relatives.

As a separate structure from your main property, we can help deliver the build to meet your expectations and needs.

Have a chat with Dan to discuss your ideas about having a granny flat.

The Rivus Advantage: Top 4 Reasons why we are Your Custom Home Builder in Charlotte, NC

Over the past 8 years, Rivus Construction has perfected the Construction Method. This empowers us to confidently offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to everyone, ensuring a seamless and exceptional experience.

Here are the 4 reasons we know we can offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:



Rivus understands your desire for a unique space reflecting your style. Our method lets you articulate your vision, with our design team illustrating it for approval. Once approved, Rivus Construction brings your dream to life, ensuring a personalized outcome resonating with your taste and desires.


Rivus prioritizes exceptional communication for clients' custom homes. We ensure transparent interaction with clients, vendors, and subcontractors, leveraging Buildertrend for seamless connectivity. Daily logs and weekly reports keep stakeholders informed. Client project walks involve clients actively, providing valuable input towards realizing their vision.



Rivus forms dedicated teams for each project, collaborating seamlessly with architects and designers. Our commitment to excellence includes partnering with premier subcontractors, ensuring the highest building standards. This meticulous approach upholds our dedication to craftsmanship, guaranteeing 100% client satisfaction and successful project execution.


Rivus meets clientele demands for excellence, rejecting compromise on quality for cost-cutting. We manage time, budgets, design, and craftsmanship meticulously. Years of experience enhance our capability to incorporate cutting-edge systems and value engineering principles. Our seasoned team delivers practical solutions, ensuring functionality and aesthetics. This commitment to excellence positions us as a reliable partner, exceeding client expectations.

We pride ourselves on our excellent working relationships with our trusted partners. We work only with the best quality contractors through every stage of your build to ensure zero defects.


It’s all good hearing from us, but it’s our clients that tell the real story. Read some of our testimonials below and if you would like to speak to a previous client just reach out and we will put you in touch.

"I could not be any happier with the quality, professionalism, and attention to detail that Rivus provided me. The house came out much better than anticipated and was completed on time.

Their use of technology allowed me to keep track of progress without having to constantly go to the job site.

I am actively looking for more projects and will he working with Rivus again. Thx Guys"

- Mike F


"We purchased our home over the summer and love it. Juan met with us on several occasions and answered all of our questions.

He has been of assistance several times post move in. Love the materials used in our home, from countertops to hardware to flooring.

The way the home was built was carefully thought out and made to live and make life easier. Will definitely recommend to family and friends."

- Ally K

"Just moved into our beautiful new home and so far everything has been amazing!!! The house is gorgeous and it’s obvious the builder has been super attentive with every detail.

After our walk through, they quickly fixed a few minor things (when I say minor, I’m talking about a paint scuff here or there from open houses) and walked us through our warranties.

They also encouraged us to reach out whenever if we ever had questions or concerns and said they are always happy to pop by!"

- Stefana Gray S

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